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The International Journal of Business and Finance Research








We study the presence and distribution of private information in neglected firm stocks using a measure of private information first suggested by Roll (1988). Our results suggest that there is no shortage of information on neglected firms for investors and that this private information forms part of the decision set for managerial decisions. Our results indicate a significant negative correlation between the amount of private information and certain important firm characteristics such as market size, cash flow, sales and return on assets. When the impact of private information is analyzed on the investment and payout policies of the neglected firms, the results indicate that private information in stock price has a significant impact on firm investment but not on payout. However, private information does affect payout but through interaction with firm cash flow. Finally we find that private information impact on firm investment is stronger in smaller as compared to larger neglected firms.

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Yung, K., Rahman, H., & Sun, Q. (2013). Do neglected firms suffer from an information deficit? The International Journal of Business and Finance Research, 7(1), 31-44.