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The objective of this research project is to analyze the interlocking fields of fire from the field artillery positions around the Bastion known as Fort Monroe located in Hampton Virginia. The research project will allow for the visualization of the artillery positions around the fort in one overview, as well as line of sight analysis from each artillery position within the moat. An analysis and line of sight for the artillery positions outside of the fort was also conducted. The 12 Inch M1895 and M1900 disappearing guns were the largest guns used at the fort and fired a projectile that weighed over a thousand pounds with the main gun weighing approximately 115,000 pounds. This gun had the capability to fire a projectile approximately 16,800 meters in distance and was operated by hand (Weinert,1990).

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Fort Monroe, Virginia, Field artillery, Civil War, Mapping, Geographic Information System, Line of sight


Geographic Information Sciences | Military History

The Guns of Fort Monroe