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Strome College of Business


Ph.D. Public Administration and Policy - School of Public Service

Publication Date

Spring 2020




Leaders and training are vital dimensions of organizational development and effectiveness. Availing leadership programs provide continuous learning to the leaders in public sector organizations. However, leaders in senior positions in the public sector organizations have faced struggles and obstacles that inhibit their capacity to drive organizational agenda. Therefore, understanding the relationship between the training programs and the performance of the leaders in the senior positions is vital. The study will discover the struggles and obstacles experienced by the public-service leader and the impact training middle managers the leadership skills. The study hopes to propose a training program for middle managers and organizational collaboration to foster leadership skills in leading public organizations. The study will use leadership behavior theory to explain, predict, and foster understanding of the relationship between middle managers' need for leadership training and effective performance in senior leadership positions in the public sector organizations. Additionally, the study will use a qualitative method that will involve interviews and focus groups data collections. The research will use the case of Local Emergency Management of Senior Professionals in Virginia to collect different perspectives on their experiences of leadership training and the effective capability of leading in public sector organizations.


Leaders, Training, Organizational development, Public sector organizations, Performance


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Emergency and Disaster Management | Organizational Behavior and Theory | Performance Management | Training and Development



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Middle Managers & Leadership Trainings for Effective Senior Leadership Positions in Public Organizations; Applications in Emergency Management