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Strome College of Business


Ph.D. Public Administration and Policy - School of Public Service

Publication Date

Spring 2020




Environmental Nonprofits emerged over the years to attend to the environmental needs of communities and individuals, as well as address environmental issues that concern the public. These issues are usually those that have been neglected, given insufficient attention, or cannot be singularly handled by the government. In advocating for coastal resilience, environmental nonprofits have been identified in the literature as actors with critical roles in addressing coastal issues such as sea-level rise, flooding and shoreline management. In recent times, shoreline management has emerged as one of the foremost areas of focus expedient for the achievement of coastal resilience, and the role of environmental nonprofits in ensuring the management of shorelines is of crucial importance. This study seeks to examine the roles environment nonprofits play in shoreline management for coastal resilience in Virginia. Utilizing qualitative research methods, data from some environmental nonprofits in Virginia’s coastal communities will be collected and analyzed, with the aim of interpreting the roles they play in the management and stabilization of shorelines and elaborating on the impact and implications for environmental sustainability and coastal resilience.


Environmental nonprofits, Coastal issues, Shoreline management, Resiliency, Virginia


Environmental Health and Protection | Environmental Policy | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Public Administration



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Examining the Role of Environmental Nonprofits in Shoreline Management for Coastal Resilience in Virginia