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It is common to be bilingual all around the world, because of the spread of bilingualism around the world. There are many researchers who are interested in conducting studies on foreign language classrooms and second language classrooms. They are trying to find answers or solutions to second language students' struggles.

For example, Chomsky studies and his exploration in bilingual science. Wei (2000) said, bilingualism is rising around the world and there are one in three people who are bilingual or multilingual. In this paper, I will teach second language students how to conduct a participatory action research using the interview method. The students will choose the topic that interest them and practice their English by enhancing their motivation through the research process.

Because of the lack of participatory action research in second language research I am interested in applying this kind of research to my paper and consider the students participants as the object of the study, students who will decide the study starts from the topic to the references. I want to discover how much effort is needed to improve the students' English language using this kind of research, compared to the typical research study, the students' motivation to study and the kinds of topics which are considered interesting for the students.


bilingual, Second language classroom, participatory action research, foreign language classroom


Curriculum and Instruction | Language and Literacy Education



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Participatory Action Research Inside an English Second Language Classroom: Towards a Critical Syllabus