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This secondary review focuses on employer-funded wellness programs consisting of gym memberships, fitness trackers, and incentives to increase employee mental and physical health in and outside of the workplace.

Purpose: Analyze existing peer-reviewed literature to determine if employer-provided gym memberships, fitness trackers, and incentivization programs enhance employee morale.

Methods: The target population of this literature review is employees within the U.S. workforce. The researcher included articles from January 2016 to February 2021 from ScienceDirect, PubMed, and PsycINFO databases. The author included 13 of the 571 articles after applying the keywords and reviewing the title, abstract, and content. The author analyzed the Precede-Proceed model and the Health Impact in 5 Model. The inclusion criteria included workplace health programs, gym memberships, fitness trackers, or gamification, and individuals 18 years or older. The exclusion criteria included sitting interventions, lack of rewards or incentives, and not providing gym memberships or fitness trackers.

Findings: The researcher found increased employee morale when providing gym memberships, fitness trackers, and incentive programs. However, the most successful programs were a combination of the three.

Conclusions: The author concluded that all workplaces should implement wellness programs, especially those with significant sedentary time. Moreover, the researcher found a positive correlation among employers providing employees with gym memberships, fitness trackers, and incentive programs.

Recommendations: Future research needs to evaluate the effectiveness of inclusive wellness programs providing gym memberships, fitness trackers, and incentives.


Exercise, Workplace, Fitness tracker, Gym membership, Health, Wellness, Incentives


Public Health Education and Promotion



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Workplace Health and Wellness Program: Enhancing Employee Morale via Incentives, Gym Memberships, and Fitness Trackers: A Secondary Review