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Endothelial function is negatively associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Previous studies demonstrate that endothelial function is improved through exercise, and that young, active adults experience impaired endothelial function following short-term physical inactivity interventions. Whether this occurs in older, active adults who may be more prone to bouts of inactivity is unknown. This study determined if endothelial function, as measured by flow-mediated dilation (FMD), was impaired in active, older adults following removal of exercise for 5 days compared to active, young adults. To examine this, popliteal and brachial artery FMD were measured at baseline and during days 3 and 5 of removal of exercise in 5 active, older (≥55 yr.) individuals and 3 active, young (18-40 yr.) individuals. In younger adults, brachial artery peak diameter significantly increased from baseline (0.45cm ± 0.03) to post- intervention (0.46cm ± 0.02) (p0.05)). In both older and younger subjects, no significant differences were seen in popliteal or brachial artery percent FMD (Popliteal: Old BL-5.73±1.05, Young BL-6.53±1.77, Old 3 day-4.06±1.07, Young 3 day- 5.95±0.97, Old 5 day-3.91±1.09, Young 5 day-6.11±0.22; Brachial: Old BL-7.63±0.42, Young BL-4.49±1.51, Old 3 day-6.30±0.89, Young 3 day-5.02±4.18, Old 5 day-5.68±1.69, Young 5 day-6.71±2.28) (p>0.05). After adjusting for baseline diameter, there were no significant differences in percent FMD in either older or younger subjects (p>0.05). These preliminary data suggest that baseline brachial artery diameter is susceptible to change following short-term removal of exercise in older and younger adults. However, %FMD does not appear to be altered. The small sample size (n=8) of this project may have influenced the lack of significant results in the study; thus, we aim to continue data collection for this project to increase the sample size.


Physiology, Endothelial function, Flow mediated dilation, Cardiovascular disease


Exercise Science | Other Kinesiology



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The Effects of Short-Term Removal of Exercise on Flow Mediated Dilation in Older Adults: Preliminary Data



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