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College of Education & Professional Studies (Darden)


STEM Education & Professional Studies

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With continual advancements in vehicle technology and electrification the automotive industry requires a highly-skilled technician labor force. There is an existing dialogue throughout the automotive industry of a technician shortage and an uninspiring median salary for automotive technicians may be, in part, encouraging skilled workers to bypass the industry for perceived higher paying jobs requiring a similar skill-set. In contrast, an industry dialogue exists that suggests technicians can earn annual salaries of over $100,000. This study seeks to address a gap in the literature of how technician certification relates to earned income. A regression analysis will be utilized to regress earned income on number of certifications held. Do highly-certified technicians earn more? The answer could be of tremendous value to the industry and to stakeholders responsible for preparing the future automotive workforce.


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Automotive Technician Certification – The Relationship Between Certifications and Earned Income



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