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The recent COVID-19 pandemic contributed to a negative climate in healthcare and increased the workforce demands of nurses leading to decreased satisfaction and an unprecedented staffing crisis. Further compounding the problem, staffing agencies have offered fiscally lucrative contracts that enticed experienced nurses to leave permanent staff positions for external contract agency nursing.

Research Questions for this study are as follows:

  • RQ1: What is the relationship between increased wages and nurse satisfaction?
  • RQ2: What is the relationship between increased wages and intent to stay?
  • RQ3: What is the relationship between demographic variables and nurse satisfaction?
  • RQ4: What is the relationship demographic variables and intent to stay?

This study used an online anonymous survey to identify factors that support retention of registered nurses in permanent staff positions. Registered nurses working in external contract agency positions were recruited via social media, snowball sampling, and email distribution. The study design is a descriptive correlational study.

This study noted a significant relationship between wages and nurse satisfaction and intent to stay and may provide nurse leaders with data to support the need for creative initiatives to retain nurses in permanent staff roles.

Study will contribute to sharing of data with leaders to aid in decision-making processes aimed at retention initiatives focused on wages and nurse satisfaction.



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The Relationship Between Increased Wages and Nurse Satisfaction and Intent to Stay



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