Date of Award

Spring 1978

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Douglas Greene

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Patrick Rollins

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Special Collections LD4331.H47D38


The incidence of the French Revolution in 1789 had a disruptive effect on the Whig party. Prior to the Revolution, the Whig party had been a unified group of politicians under the spiritual and intellectual guidance of Charles James Fox. This thesis endeavors to examine how the French Revolution caused the collapse of the Whig party during the years 1789- 1794. The work is devoted specifically to a study of the role of Charles James Fox during this period of British political history. One finds that throughout the years 1789-1794 Fox worked unceasingly to preserve party unity. During this time, Fox was vigorously opposed by members of his own party who disagreed with his outspoken support of the French Revolution. Regardless of opposition he persisted in his efforts to keep the party unified until finally, in July 1794, he was deserted by the majority of Whigs who had decided to join the ministry of William Pitt.


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