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Fall 1991

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Master of Arts (MA)



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J. Hamilton

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Patrick Rollins

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Carl Boyd

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Special Collections LD4331.H47E84


The history of Ireland and England has been intertwined since the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland in the last half of the twelfth century. It is easy to view this invasion as a well planned and state sponsored endeavor of the Angevin kings and the Anglo-Norman nobility. However, this is a great simplification of Irish Anglo- Norman history. It is the purpose of this study to determine to what extent and when the Anglo-Norman adventures in Ireland became an invasion. The two primary sources for doing so are the works of Gerald Cambrensis, and the anonymous Son of Dermot and the Earl. By comparing the adventures of the early Anglo-Norman lords to each other it can be seen how and when order and administration began to take precedence over chaos of pillage and battle.


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