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Fall 1989

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Brian M. Linn

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Patrick Rollins

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Alfred B. Rollins, Jr.

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Special Collections LD4331.H47J44


The 93rd Division was an all-Negro unit that served in World War II. The formation and deployment of the unit was not planned but was the result of the Roosevelt Administration's susceptibility to domestic pressure during World War II. The War Department's lack of a comprehensive policy concerning Negro troops led to the Company K debacle of 1944 which reduced the unit to a combat support role for the remainder of the Pacific war effort. Furthermore, the outfit's failures forced the Army to reassess its racial policies in the postwar era.

This study examines the War Department's manpower policies and focuses on how they were altered by the Black press. Although the Army had developed plans for the employment of Negro units prior to the war, it allowed domestic politics to manipulate military strategy.


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