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Summer 1992

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Lorraine M. Lees

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William Whitehart

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William C. Franklin

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In 1953 the incoming Eisenhower administration deemed the Middle East region to be of strategic value. Egypt was viewed as an integral part of the administration's containment policy in the region directed at the Soviet Union. A major effort was made by Eisenhower and Dulles to court. the newly emerging leadership of Egypt with economic inducements and military equipment. By the fall of 1956 this policy had failed in its primary objective of keeping Soviet influence out of the region. Eisenhower and Dulles feared Egypt was in danger of becoming a client state of the Soviet Union; and, their policy of inducement had not only failed but had contributed to the potential of Soviet influence spreading in the region. This thesis will examine the main causes of this policy failure by scrutinizing the attitudes of Eisenhower and Dulles, the pressures they faced by allies and in Congress, and the important decisions they made that contributed to the general collapse of their policy goals in this region. This research is documented by archival sources, government publications, memoirs and original works of key figures, as well as secondary sources.


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