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Summer 1977

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Patrick Rollins

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Thomas T. Hamilton

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Darwin Bostick

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The present study is an examination of the effect of the Spanish-American War on the formal relations of France and the United States. Because France was the neighbor and friend of Spain and also at least an erstwhile friend of the United States, the war presented certain difficulties for the French government. At home colonialists and royalists sympathetic to Spain demanded overt support of the Spanish cause. The Spanish government looked to France first to lead a diplomatic coalition against the United States and then to mediate the dispute. The United States, meanwhile, urged Paris to follow a policy of noninterference and neutrality. Desirous of improving its relations with the rising western power, France generally acceded to American wishes. French conduct during the war regenerated the traditional but cooling friend­ ship between the two nations and helped pave the way for the alliance of 1917-18.

The study is based primarily on the diplomatic correspondence exchanged among France, Spain, and the United States. The principal documentary sources are the Documents diplomatique! français, the Spanish Diplomatic Correspondence and Documents1896-1905, and Record Group 59 of the Archives of the Unite States (mainly dispatches of the Secretary of State to and from the U.S. Minister and Consuls in France), supplemented by the official Papers relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States


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