Date of Award

Fall 1978

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Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Director

Peter C. Stewart

Committee Member

James L. Bugg, Jr.

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Carl Boyd

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Special Collections LD4331.H47 S45


Confederate railroad policies had a disruptive effect on the final outcome of the war for the South. This thesis endeavors to examine the history of the construction of the Piedmont Railroad as it reflected Confederate railroad policy during the American Civil War. The work is devoted specifically to a study of the obstacles confronting the construction of the Piedmont Railroad from its inception to its completion. One finds throughout this period a fluctuating Confederate policy concerning its railroads and no permanent. official agency to coordinate its affairs. The Piedmont Railroad was to be a vital part of the system of railroads that the Confederate government wished to create to serve as an apparatus of supply and communication. It was completed just days before the end of the war.


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