Date of Award

Summer 1992

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Director

Lorraine M. Lees

Committee Member

Willard C. Frank


From 1917 to 1933, the United States did not recognize the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In 1920 the United States established conditions for recognition. First, the Soviet Union had to pay all debts owed to the United States government and its citizens by previous Russian and Soviet governments. In addition, all propaganda and subversive activities sponsored by the Soviet Union in the United States had to cease. During this period, the Division of Eastern European Affairs (DEEA) studied and collected data about the Soviet Union from its main "outpost" at the United States Mission in Riga, Latvia. The Russian specialists of the DEEA in Riga and Washington used the data collected to write scholarly reports about the Soviet Union and the Communist International. This thesis will analyze the reports written by the Russian specialists at the Riga mission and illustrate that the reports successfully defended the policy of nonrecognition by accurately demonstrating the Soviet Union's support of subversive propaganda activities in the United States.


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