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Greifswalder Hafenbote






Natural ice was an important maritime cargo throughout the 19th and 20th century with Norway being the largest European ice exporting nation in Europe. This trade was mainly operated with small to medium size wooden sailing vessels and often secured long time survival of these craft. Although it is not known if any of today's historic sailing ships operating in European waters, has ever actually transported natural ice, this trade among others contributed to the survival of the fleet. While today ice is mainly considered as an obstacle for the operation of historic watercraft, it was actually one of the transported goods that secured the economic survival of these ships.


The article is published in German.

The research for the article has been carried out in the context of the research project "The Last Ice Age / Den sister istid" sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council and carried out in cooperation between the Norwegian Maritime Museum, the University of Southeast Norway, the University of Hull (UK) and ODU's Department of History.

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HeidbrinIk, I. (2021, June). Eis ein vergessenes Ladungsgut. Greifswalder Hafenbote, Nr. 31, 10-12.