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Threatening a lawsuit, Howell prepared a memorandum to NBC citing evidence of voters changing their votes to Godwin, because as one put it, "A national network can't be wrong."78 Howell's memorandum also mentioned an indirect tie of McGee to Godwin. Godwin constantly demanded that Howell disclose how he would replace the revenue under his tax plan.43 Throughout the campaign, Godwin stressed inconsistencies between positions Howell took on various issues in 1973 and what he had said in the past. Godwin also cited Howell's endorsement of his candidacy for governor in 1965 and his comment in April that Godwin had an outstanding record as governor.44 Godwin accused Howell of trying to project a more moderate image to voters than in previous campaigns. The Godwin campaign had acquired both a tape and a transcript of Howell's 1972 interview and used it in negative advertising against him.47 Republicans hoped that Howell's remarks about busing would alienate voters who had supported George Wallace in 1968. In a week, according to Godwin, Mitchell called and asked if he would help in the campaign, and Godwin agreed (Godwin, Some Recollections, 53-54). [Extracted from the article]


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