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Initiated in June 2014, the Hampton Roads Sea Level Rise Preparedness and Resilience Intergovernmental Pilot Project (Intergovernmental Pilot Project or IPP) convened at Old Dominion University is an effort to use the knowledge skills and expertise of all regional stakeholders to create a framework or template for intergovernmental strategic planning that can be used outside the region; and, to implement that integrated strategy in Hampton Roads, Virginia creating an effective and efficient method for planning holistically for sea level rise and recurrent flooding.

With active stakeholders from the Department of Defense, federal agencies and the White House as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia and many localities across Hampton Roads, Virginia, the IPP is truly a “whole of government” effort. Knowing water knows no jurisdictional bounds, that level of intergovernmental collaboration is necessary to develop integrated regional solutions and implement effective sea level rise preparedness and resilience strategies. Additionally, the wider community in Hampton Roads recognizes that they too will be affected by not only sea level rise itself, but also the adaptation strategies implemented in preparation. Thus, IPP stakeholders include representatives from private industry, infrastructure, non-profits, the real estate community, and vulnerable communities. Furthermore, while the IPP was conceived in Hampton Roads, the IPP recognizes that sea level rise affects the entire Commonwealth, and a successful ‘whole of government and community’ approach must eventually include regions beyond Hampton Roads and reach across the Coastal Virginia and the Commonwealth as a whole.

Throughout the past year stakeholders have attended numerous IPP meetings and many supporting events, but they have also, through their own personal and professional lives driven the resilience conversation in Hampton Roads and beyond. The IPP is completely unfunded and exists not as an entity, but as an experiment, bringing together the community, and leveraging and building upon other initiatives from the Secure Commonwealth Panel’s Subcommittee on Sea Level Rise to Urban Land Institute’s Resilient Region Reality Checks to NOAA and NASA scientists.

The first Phase of this two-Phase, two-year project came to completion during the summer of 2015 with a daylong leadership retreat. This report summarizes the stakeholder engagement and due-diligence process stakeholders undertook during Phase 1, but does not detail each meeting or event that took place. Phase 2 will continue to build on other initiatives and count on stakeholders to use these networks and knowledge to create an enduring entity, organization, or strategy to continue using economies of scale and the “whole of government and community” model for sea level rise preparedness and resilience in Hampton Roads and elsewhere.


Primary file here is the Report (17 mb), without Appendices. Separate files below include the Appendices (19 mb), and the Full Report with Appendices (36 mb).

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Phase 1 Report: Appendices

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Full Phase 1 Report, with Appendices