Date of Award

Fall 1993

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Erlene Hendrix

Committee Member

Christopher Hanna

Committee Member

Douglas Greene

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Special Collections LD4331.H85M35


The Falcon is a historical drama set in medieval France during the reign of Philip the Fair, a tumultuous period of history marked by the fall of the Holy Land to Islam after more than 200 years of struggle by Christian forces to reclaim it, and followed by the gradual exile of the Popes from Rome to Avignon on the outskirts of France.

The play itself focuses on King Philip's repeated clashes with the Papacy, as well as his ruthless attack on the Order of the Knights Templar, whose own fate was interwoven with the fortunes of both Crown and Pope.

The play, in keeping with its archaic subject matter, is written in verse and employs elements of heroic epic, action drama, and cathartic theater.


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