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Spring 1985

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R. Baine Harris

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A. W. Mathews

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Philip Harris

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Plotinus introduces the notion of intelligible matter to his system to elaborate on the multiplicity of the intelligible world and its procession from the One. As far as the intelligible world is stabilized by intelligible matter's turning towards the One, it is naturally conceived to be endowed with contemplative force. In the middle and late period of the development of Plotinus' philosophy, intelligible matter conspicuously functions as the principle of movement, intellection and desire towards the One. This vital conception of intelligible matter gives an ontological basis to the fact that Intellect is free from tedium. But the more dynamic intelligible matter becomes, the more durational terminology is involved in accounts for the intelligible reality and the more incompatible these accounts become with Plotinus' own notion of eternity as a nunc stans, a changeless now.


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