Date of Award

Winter 1991

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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Director

Marian L. Paulson

Committee Member

Lawrence J. Hatab

Committee Member

Erlene Hendrix


A fictional play based on the study of writings by psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung. The action is set in the imaginary realm of archetypes, amoral personified energies which appear in tales from diverse cultures. In this play the mythical characters move in an ordered, ritualistic manner. They are dependent upon a geometrically centered black box for the provision of human forms through which they experience "being." A female is the human form provided in this instance and she combines her own energy with that of the other characters though she is not conscious of this fact. The archetypal energies focus on the female from her moment of entry into physical limitation to her reluctant acceptance of the hidden aspects of Self and her inevitable return to the black box.