Date of Award

Summer 2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Director

Elizabeth Groeneveld

Committee Member

Jennifer Fish

Committee Member

Tim Anderson


This thesis outlines the need for empathy pedagogy in higher education. It will examine how empathy pedagogy can be integrated with feminist thought and social justice praxis. I argue that when we integrate empathy pedagogy with feminist thought and social justice, we are building the capacity for students to understand others’ lives in oppression. Furthermore, an integrated modality of teaching empathy will allow students to foster the traits of empathy within themselves; students are then better able to act as agents of social change by utilizing the traits of empathy to actively listen, self-reflect, and mindfully engage with other lived experiences of oppression. As part of my thesis, I created three lesson plans that provide models for how to integrate empathy into higher education spaces. The lesson plans I created house ideas of what empathy pedagogy looks like in practice, as a modality for students to practice their empathetic skills.


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