Date of Award

Fall 12-2021

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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




Cultural and Human Geography

Committee Director

Wie Yusuf

Committee Member

Jennifer Whytlaw

Committee Member

Nicole Hutton Shannon


The Filipino Americans living in Hampton Roads, Virginia have comprised of almost 2% of the region’s overall population, and 5.3% of the population in Virginia Beach, Virginia (United States Census Bureau, 2019) (Greater Hampton Roads Connects, 2021). Filipino Americans in Hampton Roads, like the rest of the population, are equally vulnerable to experiencing flooding when commuting to and from work or simply traveling around town, but previous research and surveys from the Hampton Roads Region have failed in their ability to capture this cultural diversity within perception of flood risk. In this paper, a qualitative research design was used to conduct a survey of Filipino American residents in Virginia Beach regarding their flood risk perceptions and experiences. The results of the survey were then compared to existing flood risk research and to results of previous surveys of Hampton Roads residents. The results are useful for understanding the baseline perception of flooding within Virginia Beach’s Filipino American community and how they compare against the total Hampton Roads’ population. The results indicate that despite most survey results came from a younger age group than previous research and not fully representative of the overall Filipino population, the collected Filipino American’s flood experiences and flood risk perceptions were generally similar, with some varying differences, to existing survey collection in the Hampton Roads region. Therefore, regardless of racial identity, the overall cultural experiences are based more closely with shared geographic location and perceptions are developed by these experiences and personal knowledge regarding causes and impacts of flooding in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


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