Date of Award

Fall 1983

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Master of Arts (MA)



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Judith Andre

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Lawrence Hatab

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William B. Jones

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Special Collections LD4331.H85D65


There has been little intellectual support for the average American's view of the proper relationship between L' crime and punishment. This text is an effort to philosophically define and defend this view. Chapters one and two deal with teleological theories and justification for systems and rules of practices. I first discuss the historical relationship of man to the state, showing the necessity of and providing a basis for civil authority and law and showing both to be based on social utility. This accomplished, a teleological justification of a system of punishment is presented. Chapter three discusses retribution as the deontological justification of particular actions. I argue that the only just system is a retributive one. Chapters four and five show that a retributive system of punishment is unable to conform to justice without the inclusion of the death penalty.


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