Date of Award

Spring 1980

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Master of Arts (MA)


Info Systems/Dec Sciences

Committee Director

Manindra K. Mohapatra

Committee Member

Charles E. Ruhl

Committee Member

William F. Ryan

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Special Collections LD4331.H85A65


This study is an inter-disciplinary analysis of the backgrounds of the Carter administrative elite. Various theories of political science, public administration, and ethics are presented in relation to Jimmy Carter's appointees. A background composite is presented of the elites' education, career before government service, age, sex, and geographic region of birth and socialization. Information about the elites was obtained from biographical listings, and was stored and processed by an electronic data processing system.

The Carter administrative elite has included persons who have been named to positions that do not maximize their experiences and qualifications in the most appropriate manner. This administration has included engineers in high-level administrative positions, which indicates a new trend in elite recruitment. The selection of officials Jimmy Carter has made are discussed in light of the ethical theories of Jeremy Bentham and John Rawls.


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