Instructional Message Design, Volume 2

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Fall 2022

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Instructional Message Design: Theory, Research, and Practice (Volume 2)


28 pp.


There is no shortage of online advice on how to use web conferencing applications like Zoom, that allow for real-time audio, video, and content engagement between teachers and students. While much of this advice is based on practitioner experience, a growing number of guides are now based on applied research and theory. This is one of those later guides, presenting best practices based not only on practical experience but on applied research from instructional message design. While not meant to be an all-encompassing treatise on all things Zoom, this chapter does present and encourage the use of Zoom’s functionality to build effective learning environments. Using this guide, and experimenting with the features that you’d like to use in your virtual class, will help you and your students have a great online experience and take advantage of the engagement, access, communication, and learning opportunities of online web conferencing.


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