Instructional Message Design, Volume 2

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Fall 2022

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Instructional Message Design: Theory, Research, and Practice (Volume 2)


30 pp.


The adoption and diffusion of online web conferencing has allowed for expanded access to professional seminars, workshops and webinars. However, unlike in-person, face-to-face presentations, delivering a Zoom Meeting or Webinar creates a number of new and different concerns and configuration challenges that are not present in an in-person event. This chapter summarizes instructional message design best practices for Zoom conferencing and serves as a guide for how to set up your computing environment, physical location, presentation, and how to keep your audience engaged. This section of our instructional message design book also presents a guide to planning for the delivering of more complex events that could feature simultaneous sessions across multiple days to thousands of participants. While Zoom is used to to illustrate the affordances and features of online web conferencing, these best practices can also be used to support events using other platforms.


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