Instructional Message Design, Volume 2

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Fall 2022

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Instructional Message Design: Theory, Research, and Practice (Volume 2)


37 pp.


Simulation is a teaching method that motivates and engages learners (Ifenthaler et al. 2020; Martin & Betrus, 2019), can provide better student performance outcomes compared to traditional classroom education (Chernikova et al. 2020; D’Angleo et al., 2014; Di Natale et al., 2020; Gralnick & Levy, 2011; Pellas et al., 2019), and can even replace some real-world learning experiences (Alexander et al., 2015). Instructional designers who develop healthcare simulations should use relevant learning theory and instructional message design to ensure that the simulation is learner-centered and based in evidence-based practice to maximize the potential for the learning experience.


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