Instructional Message Design, Volume 3

Document Type

Book Chapter

Publication Date

Spring 2024

Publication Title

Instructional Message Design: Theory, Research, and Practice (Volume 3)


32 pp.


Message design consists of signs and symbols that play a crucial role in guiding our daily lives. text, images, videos, graphics, and diagrams are essential tools for communication and education. However, individuals with visual impairments are not able to fully access this visual content that plays such a critical part of our daily lives. Therefore, there is a need to create educational material that can be accessed by all learners including those with visual impairments. This chapter explores practical strategies that instructional designers, teachers, professors, and instructors can use to provide an inclusive learning experience for learners with visual impairments. Including a breakdown of common tools and accommodations such as braille, screen readers, screen magnification software, and audio description. Along with a guide for crafting accessible message designs for learners with visual impairments in various contexts, including digital and in-person content


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