Instructional Message Design, Volume 3

Document Type

Book Chapter

Publication Date

Spring 2024

Publication Title

Instructional Message Design: Theory, Research, and Practice (Volume 3)


46 pp.


It is critical for Instructional Designers (IDs) and Human Performance Technologists (HPTs) to consider the backgrounds of the learner to help them plan, develop, and design relevant and appropriate content for the audience of focus. The interests, assets, and needs of the learner must be researched and studied so the designer is able to fully know, empathize, understand, and design. Applying an audience centric approach equips designers to design culturally inclusive and sensitive instructional messages, as well as content that aligns with, are responsive to, and are respectful of diverse groups. In this way, IDs and HPTs can be able to craft culturally sensitive and inclusive learning materials. This message design objective integrates diverse artifacts that cultivate ‘Safe and Brave Spaces’, enhances the overall social presence of the learning environment, results in motivated and engaged learners, and increases learner achievement and performance outcomes.


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