Instructional Message Design, Volume 3

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Book Chapter

Publication Date

Spring 2024

Publication Title

Instructional Message Design: Theory, Research, and Practice (Volume 3)


28 pp.


Instructional message design is the way that information is delivered to users or the learners. Learners have short-term and long-term memory. Cognitive load theory and multimedia learning theory are two theories that can be applied to best practices in audio and video. Audio and video can range from speeches, podcasts, DVDs, and streaming videos. Both can enhance learning but should not drive the instruction. Segmenting video and audio is one of the many best practices as it allows learners to chunk the information and process it in small bits. There are learners who have auditory and visual deficits and instructional message designers need to be aware of these deficits and accommodate them. One major accommodation is the use of closed captioning, which can be turned off and on. When using closed captioning you must make sure that the words are matching the audio and at the right time.