Memories in Two Nations: China and the U.S.A.


Memories in Two Nations: China and the U.S.A.



"My life story is not simple. It is the story of the two lives I have lived in one lifetime. The first third of my lifetime was spent in China and the last two-thirds have been spent in the United States. China is one of the oldest countries in the world with more than five thousand years of history. The United States is a new nation with the Declaration of Independence drafted only 226 years ago. Just as these two histories are vastly different, so were the cultures and lives I lived within the two countries." (Excerpt from "Memories in Two Nations: China and the U.S.A.") An inspiring and true story of one man’s journey from a bleak childhood in China to the competitive United States, "Memories in Two Nations: China and the U.S.A." examines how one man’s loyalty to two countries and individual perseverance offered a wealth of opportunities, not only for himself, but for his children as well. Stephen Shao was born in the small town of Zarkow, China, living in conditions that guaranteed gunfire and bombing while on the walk to school. Despite this environment of war and despair, Shao’s father instilled a belief in education within all of his children. This belief fueled Stephen Shao’s adamant desire to succeed and contribute in both of his countries, the United States and China. [From]



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Stephen Pinyee Shao (1924-1913), Chinese Americans, Biography


Asian American Studies | Nonfiction

Memories in Two Nations: China and the U.S.A.

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