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Nanotechnologies Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal








The article provides an abstract review of patents. The results of creative activity of scientists, engineers and specialists, including inventions in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials, being implemented, allow achieving a significant effect in construction, housing and community services, and related sectors of the economy. For example, the invention (A method to produce graphene-containing suspensions by means of graphite exfoliation and a device to perform it) refers to chemical and construction industries and can be used in modification of plastic lubricant, epoxy resins and concretes. The technical task of the invention is to increase efficiency of graphite exfoliation, to produce graphene-containing suspensions in continuous mode and to decrease unit labor costs for production of such suspensions. The task is achieved due to the following steps of the method: preparation of mixture of crystal graphite and liquid, graphite concentration is from 10 to 20 mass percent in container for initial suspension, supply of initial suspension into rotor plant, exfoliation of graphite and withdrawal of treated suspension from rotor plant, exfoliation of graphite is performed in several rotor plants one after another, and initial suspension is supplied into the first rotor plant by pump with fixed consumption, after treated suspension has been withdrawn from one of rotor plant, it is supplied into next rotor plant, and from the last rotor plant treated suspension is delivered into centrifugal separator, after separation centrifuge effluent is supplied into container of finish product and precipitate is delivered to a container of initial suspension in which graphite and liquid are added to obtain specified concentration of graphite in initial suspension.

The specialists can also be interested in the following inventions in the area of nanotechnologies: Evolution of PV technology from conventional to nano-materials; a composition of coating for colored decoration of building walls; ferroelectric nanocomposite on the basis of porous glass and monopotassium phosphate materials; innovative technology of municipal wastewater treatment for rapid sludge sedimentation and enhancing pollutants removal with nano-material, a method to obtain powder mixture of bidispersed ceramic and metal particles, micro- and nano-plastic pollution: behavior, microbial ecology, and remediation technologies; a method to obtain multilayer wear-resistant diamond like coatings; fuel element with composite protective coating et al.


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Ivanov, L. A., Xu, L. D., Bokova, E. S., Ishkov, A. D., & Muminova, S. R. (2021). Inventions of scientists, engineers and specialists from different countries in the area of nanotechnologies. Part I. Nanotechnologies Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal, 13(1), 23-31.