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Nanotechnologies in Construction








Introduction. Advanced technologies impress people’s imagination demonstrating the latest achievements (materials, methods, systems, technologies, devices etc.) that dramatically change the world. This, first of all, concerns nanotechnological inventions designed by scientists, engineers and specialists from different countries.

Main part. The article provides an abstract review of patents. The results of creative activity of scientists, engineers and specialists, including inventions in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials, being implemented, allow achieving a significant effect in construction, housing and community services, and related sectors of the economy. For example, the invention «Composite material with oriented carbon nanotubes» refers to the area of composite materials which consist of polymer matrix and filler that is often presented by carbon nanotubes. The technical result is increased tensile strength of composite material due to formation of structure of oriented carbon nanotubes in polymer matrix. That is performed by means of flat-rate flow of direct current which destroys filler agglomerates. The specialists can also be interested in the following inventions in the area of nanotechnologies: a method to produce powder containing nanocrystalline cubic tungsten carbide; a method to produce porous graphene membranes and the membranes produced with this method; suppressor coating on the basis of polymer matrix with inclusion of carbon nanotubes and a method to produce it; a method to determine location of polyethylene gas pipeline and places of possible illegal tapping of those pipeline; a method to produce biphasic thermoelectric ceramics; electron-beam system of 3D radiant nanomodification for materials and articles; lab-on-fruit skin and lab-on-leaf towards recognition of trifluralin using Ag-citrate/GQDs nanocomposite stabilized on the flexible substrate: A new platform for the electroanalysis of herbicides using direct writing of nano-inks and pen-on paper technology; and others.

Conclusion. One of the most challenging tasks the economy of every country face is to increase industrial competitiveness through technological upgrade. From the side of the state and companies the principal object to control in this process are the people and enterprises dealing with introduction of inventions and new technologies.


© 2021 Ivanov, L.A., Xu, L.D., Bokova, E.S., Demenev, A.V., Ivanov, V.A.

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Ivanov, L. A., Xu, L. D., Bokova, E. S., Demenev, A. V., & Ivanov, V. A. (2021). Inventions of scientists, engineers and specialists from different countries in the area of nanotechnologies. Part III. Nanotechnologies in Construction, 13(3), 158-165.