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208 (1-19)


In a traditional system paradigm, an enterprise reference model provides the guide for practitioners to select manufacturing elements, configure elements into a manufacturing system, and model system options for evaluation and comparison of system solutions against given performance metrics. However, a smart manufacturing system aims to reconfigure different systems in achieving high-level smartness in its system lifecycle; moreover, each smart system is customized in terms of the constraints of manufacturing resources and the prioritized performance metrics to achieve system smartness. Few works were found on the development of systematic methodologies for the design of smart manufacturing systems. The novel contributions of the presented work are at two aspects: (1) unified definitions of digital functional elements and manufacturing systems have been proposed; they are generalized to have all digitized characteristics and they are customizable to any manufacturing system with specified manufacturing resources and goals of smartness and (2) a systematic design methodology has been proposed; it can serve as the guide for designs of smart manufacturing systems in specified applications. The presented work consists of two separated parts. In the first part of paper, a simplified definition of smart manufacturing (SM) is proposed to unify the diversified expectations and a newly developed concept digital triad (DT-II) is adopted to define a generic reference model to represent essential features of smart manufacturing systems. In the second part of the paper, the axiomatic design theory (ADT) is adopted and expanded as the generic design methodology for design, analysis, and assessment of smart manufacturing systems. Three case studies are reviewed to illustrate the applications of the proposed methodology, and the future research directions towards smart manufacturing are discussed as a summary in the second part.


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Bi, Z., Zhang, W.-J., Wu, C., Luo, C., & Xu, L. (2021). Generic design methodology for smart manufacturing systems from a practical perspective. Part II—Systematic designs of smart manufacturing systems. Machines, 9(10), 1-19, Article 208.