Teaching Tip: Promoting Inclusive Online Learning for Students with Disabilities in Information Systems Courses

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Journal of Information Systems Education








It is important to ensure educational equity for students with disabilities in online courses as more courses are taught online during the pandemic. This conceptual paper describes the key barriers for instructors to implement inclusive online classes, particularly technology courses, during the COVID-19 pandemic and suggests specific strategies to mitigate the negative impact on students with disabilities. We hope that this paper will motivate more Information Technology/Information Systems (IT/IS) instructors to implement more inclusive and accessible online courses to keep all students, including students with disabilities, motivated and engaged in online environments throughout the pandemic.


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He, W., Zha, S., Watson, S., & He, Y. (2022). Teaching tip: Promoting inclusive online learning for students with disabilities in information systems courses. Journal of Information Systems Education, 33(1), 7-14. https://aisel.aisnet.org/jise/vol33/iss1/2/