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Frontiers in Environmental Science




1027130 (1-18)


With globalization and digitalization, participating in Global Value Chain (GVC) and developing digital economy have had a profound impact, which transforms China’s economy into a green and innovative one. This paper studies the intrinsic influential mechanism of GVC embeddedness and digital economy on green innovation and proposes some research hypotheses. Based on panel data of 30 Chinese provinces from 2002 to 2016, we constructed some core indicators such as GVC embeddedness, digital economy and green innovation. The ordinary panel model and spatial panel model are used to empirically test the impact of GVC embeddedness and digital economy on China’s green innovation at the provincial level. The research findings are: First, GVC embeddedness and digital economy have significant promotion effects on green innovation. Second, the development of digital economy will not only directly promote green innovation, but also indirectly promote green innovation by effectively promoting the integration of provincial economy into GVC. The results of mediating effect test show that GVC embeddedness has a partial mediating effect in the influential mechanism of digital economy to promote green innovation. Third, GVC embeddedness and green innovation have significant spatial spillover effects. It indicates that Chinese provinces (cities¹) have significantly promoted green innovation in neighboring provinces through many possible channels and mechanisms in the process of participating in GVC, and the robustness test shows the stability of the spatial spillover mechanism. The findings provide useful policy implications for China’s deeply participating in GVC, vigorously developing digital economy and promoting green innovation.


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Pan, H., Yang, J., Zhou, H., Zheng, X., & Hu, F. (2022). Global value chain embeddedness, digital economy and green innovation—evidence from provincial-level regions in China. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10, 1-18, Article 1027130.