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Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal








Introduction. Advanced technologies inspire people by demonstrating the latest achievements (materials, methods, systems, technologies, devices etc.) that dramatically change the world. This, first of all, concerns nanotechnological inventions designed by scientists, engineers and specialists from different countries. Main part. The article provides an abstract overview of inventions of scientists, engineers and specialists from different countries: Germany, Russia, China, USA et al. The results of the creative activity of scientists, engineers and specialists, including inventions in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials allow, when introduced to industry, achieving a significant effect in construction, housing and communal services, and related sectors of the economy. For example, the invention «The composition and manufacturing method of non-fired zirconium heat-resistant concrete» refers to the construction materials industry and can be used in the manufacture of products from zirconium non-fired heat-resistant concrete obtained without pre-firing. The purpose of the invention is to increase the thermal resistance at 1300оC, improve the water resistance of non-fired zirconium heat-resistant concrete and the exclusion a technologically complex method of converting the above-mentioned components into nanoscale particles and heat-shock treatment requiring high energy costs. The following inventions in the field of nanotechnology can also be interesting for specialists: a method to obtain multi-layered nanocomposite coating: a method for modifying carbon nanomaterials in nitrogen-containing plasma; a method for regeneration of aerosol filters and protective membranes; a method for obtaining a polymer nanocomposite material with reduced flammability; a robotic complex for obtaining nanostructured chromium coatings; a method for producing hydrogen from methane, a method for forming a combined hydrophilic coating; thermochromic nanoencapsulated material, production method and a product containing such material; a method for obtaining a water-soluble paint-and-lacquer material with photobactericidal activity for applying photobactericidal coatings based on water-soluble paint-and-lacquer materials еt al. Conclusion. One of the most challenging tasks the economy of every country face is to increase industrial competitiveness through technological upgrade. From the side of the state and companies the principal object to control in this process are the people and enterprises dealing with introduction of inventions and new technologies


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Ivanov, L., Xu, L., Pisarenko, Z., Muminova, S., & Miloradova, N. (2023). Inventions in the area of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials. Part I. Nanotechnologies in Construction: A Scientific Internet-Journal, 15(1), 37-47.