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Most people who have home libraries have no need to classify their collections. They have one or maybe several bookcases, perhaps separating fiction from nonfiction, grouping fiction by genre or format, nonfiction by subject. They may even keep their Outlander books together and not mix them up with their Alex Cross books. But only a rare bird would alphabetize their fiction by author or organize their nonfiction by the Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress (LC) classification systems. Likewise, if their small child has a bookcase in his or her bedroom, it is probably an unsorted mass of picture books. That all changes, however, when they go to a public or school library, the reason being, naturally, a matter of scale.


This resource was created as part of the LIBS 603 Online Resources for Teaching course at Old Dominion University as part of the Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) degree.

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Axt, K. (2023). Genrefication: Making Children's Collections Accessible [School Resource; Open Educational Resource]. 22 pp.

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