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Conference Paper

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The Seventh Off-Campus Library Services Conference Proceedings





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The Seventh Off-Campus Library Services Conference


Library resources and services are an essential part of a strong academic distance education program. Students at remote sites must have consistent access to library informational and research materials in order to develop and broaden their understanding of the ideas and research in their disciplines, to bring new ideas to their off-site classrooms, and to acquire and develop their skills in research. These resources are as essential to the remote student as to those on campus. However, students at remote sites may have no facilities comparable to those easily accessed by on campus students. Additionally, many remote site students face obstacles unique to circumstance or location to obtaining research materials. Telecommunication facilities, equipment, site conditions, area libraries, educational background and previous library experience will all be factors in the accessibility of library services and materials to the offsite student. Further, because the remote site student is geographically isolated, he or she must frequently cope with these obstacles individually.

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Pettingill, A. (1995, October 25-27, 1995). Distance education library services at Old Dominion University. Paper presented at the The Seventh Off-Campus Library Services Conference San Diego, CA.