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The Collection Development Council at Old Dominion University (Virginia) decided to involve all subject specialist librarians in creating guides to web resources in the disciplines for which they serve as bibliographers. The project was intended to help librarians become familiar with Internet resources in their fields of expertise and give them experience with World Wide Web searching. A worksheet for bibliographers and a sample guide were provided. Librarians were asked to complete a worksheet for one of their assigned areas of collection development in the next year. A separate Web Team would enter the guides, using HTML and mounting them on the library web site. The worksheet consisted of space for entering a title, URL and comments of resources in 15 different categories: Internet resource guides, monograph-type materials, periodical materials, electronic mailing lists, USENET groups, directories, software archives, graphics archives, sound archives, commercial information services, online business sites, online organization sites, data files, career resources, and other miscellaneous sites. One year after the project's inception, 28 of the 48 guides were completed. Those librarians who completed a guide gained experience and competence in searching the web, and the faculty and students have benefited. A sample guide on women's studies is included. (Author/SWC)

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Swaine, C.W. (1997). Instruction on the web: Getting all librarians involved (pp. 1-9). Laurel, MD: Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). (ED 410 963)