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Encouraging librarians to incorporate critical thinking skills and active learning techniques in their course instruction requires more than talking about it in a department meeting or distributing articles on the topic. At Old Dominion University (Virginia), librarians have tried conducting workshops, had readily-accessible binders of articles and suggestions for librarians to consult, and held idea-sharing sessions. They have also tried including a related library instruction annual performance objective for each reference librarian involved in instruction. This paper describes this latest attempt to incorporate active learning in library instruction and includes an active learning planning sheet which serves as an outline for planning and gives brief examples of active learning, a sample time frame, and a reminder that it requires more time to plan for the incorporation of critical thinking and active learning. With a continued emphasis on critical thinking skills and active learning, it is expected that librarians will improve their teaching skills and that learners will experience even greater understanding of libraries and information resources. (Author/SWC)

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Swaine, C.W. (1997). Helping librarians to encourage critical thinking through active learning techniques in library instruction (pp. 1-7). Laurel, MD: Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). (ED 410 962)