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Envisioning Our Preferred Future: New Services, Jobs, and Directions. Edited by Bradford Lee Eden.


Questions abound regarding the changing fate of libraries, and librarians, too, must reconsider their role. New Librarians increasingly find themselves serving not just as human information retrieval systems, but as “safari guides,” leading the curious through an information ecosystem growing explosively. Gone are the days of inscrutable librarians definitively announcing that they had provided all available information on a topic. Today, New Librarians need to cultivate a toolkit of skills and roles surrounding learning and inquiry, parsing new ideas quickly, challenging assumptions, and guiding their communities through the information ecosystem. As a partner, not a service provider, New Librarians shine.


Pre-print of chapter submitted to publisher. Available with permission of publisher.

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Lawton, Christopher. (2015). Intentional Synergy: The New Librarian as Co-Learner. [Book chapter submitted for publication.]