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Integrating LibGuides Into Library Websites




Librarians at Old Dominion University (ODU) Libraries use the LibGuides platform in a creative way to meet immediate, practical needs. Traditionally, we have offered two types of information literacy tutorials. The first is a lengthy, module-based tutorial and is used in our information literacy-designated courses to cover skills in-depth and which students must complete over the course of a semester. The second is a short tutorial designed to give students an introduction or a refresher covering basic research skills, information literacy concepts, and library services.

Prior to migrating to a new web platform, ODU Libraries hosted short click-through tutorials on our local website. When ODU Libraries migrated to our new web platform we lost the ability to locally host tutorials. We turned to LibGuides and created a new and improved interactive guide to introduce our students to basic research skills and to reach out to students at their points of need.


Pages 201-210 of Integrating LibGuides into Library Websites, edited by Dobbs, Aaron W. and Sittler, Ryan L., 2016, reproduced by permission of Rowman & Littlefield;

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Rush, L. (2016). LibGuides two ways: Teaching information literacy in and out of the classroom. In A. W. Dobbs & R. L. Sittler (Eds.), Integrating LibGuides into Library Websites (pp. 201-210). Lantham: Rowman & Littlefield.


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