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A Guide to Library Careers: Choosing Your Path


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What librarian wouldn’t want to work in a specialized area of their own interest? A career as a Special librarian would allow you to do just that. As a special librarian you could put your MLIS skills to work in a facility that provides information and resources in varied areas of interest. Special libraries are unique places that focus on specific interests. These facilities are often not located in a usual library setting. You may find special libraries in facilities such as: museums, galleries, law firms, associations, corporations, hospitals and many other places. In this chapter you will find information about special libraries and the many career paths in which a special librarian might take. Our focus in this chapter is to take a look at the careers of Art, Law, and Music librarians who work in unique places. The authors of this chapter set out to inform the readers about the job locations, responsibilities, skills, salaries and organizations for each area. The following links are to various websites that focus on these library careers. You will find links to the American Library Association as well as many others that provide resources for those interested in working in a special library.

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Barksdale, T., Carrington, N., & Crigler, P. (2023). Chapter Four: Would You Be Interested in Becoming a Special Librarian? In S. C. Kimmel (Ed.), A Guide to Library Careers: Choosing Your Path (pp. 1-25). Old Dominion University Libraries.