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A Guide to Library Careers: Choosing Your Path




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Author’s note: In 1970, Richard Nelson Bolles self-published a book about searching for a job entitled, What Color is Your Parachute? Bolles’ seminal work on job searching was so well received that it has been updated and republished annually since 1975 (Wikipedia, 2022). The title of this chapter, What Books are in Your Card Catalog?, is an homage to that work. Unless you are over the age of 40, the card catalog may not seem relevant due to the replacement of most card catalogs with the online catalog. However, the goal of the card catalog was to enable the user to find a book in the library by using the title, author, or subject as an identifier. The goal for this chapter is that the reader will be able to use the tools herein to find a job as a librarian in a school, academic, public, or private setting that will be enriching and satisfying for years to come.

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Drewry, J. A. (2023). Chapter Five: What Books Are in Your Card Catalog? In S. C. Kimmel (Ed.), A Guide to Library Careers: Choosing Your Path (pp. 1-26). Old Dominion University Libraries.