1st Annual ARTS Reunion at ODU: September 25-29, 1978


Alf Mapp, Jr., 1st Annual Arts Reunion

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Webb Center, Rooms 154-156

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Alf Mapp, Jr. is on the faculty at ODU. Mr. Mapp is a nonfiction writer and teacher of writing whose articles have appeared in numerous newspapers, scholarly journals, and popular magazines. His books include The Virginia Experiment, Frock Coats and Epaulets, America Creates Its Own Literature, Just One Man, and The Golden Dragon: Alfred the Great and His Times.


Fiction/Non-Fiction Workshop: ODU faculty members and writers Alf Mapp, Jr., and Tony Ardizzone examine some practical problems of writing and publishing fiction and non-fiction. They discuss research, methods of manuscript submission, literary agents, the contemporary market, and questions from the audience. The workshop was held at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 28, 1978 in the Webb Center, Rooms 154-156.


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