Abbot Sax, 1st Annual Arts Reunion


Abbot Sax

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Webb Center, Rooms 148-150

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Abbot Sax is Chairman of the Foreign Language Department at Maury High School. He has given numerous lectures, readings and workshops for Tidewater organizations.


Translation Performance: The act of translation is creative and dramatic; the results are often widely different versions of an original piece of prose or poetry. Stefan Grunwald, Regula Meier, and Abbot Sax, instructors in Tidewater schools, and Benjamin Clymer and Hope Mihalap of the Old Dominion University Poetry Quartet have selected various works in the original and in translation (several of the translations being done by members of the AWP Board of Directors) to bring this exciting dialogue to the level of performance. The performance was held at 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 27, 1978 in the Webb Center, Rooms 148-150.


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