1st Annual ARTS Reunion at ODU: September 25-29, 1978


Nancy Bazin, 1st Annual Arts Reunion

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Arts and Letters Auditorium, Room 104

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Nancy Bazin is the Director of Women's Studies at ODU. She has taught modern literature at Rutgers and the University of Pittsburgh. Ms. Bazin is the author of several articles, reviews and the critical study Virginia Woolf and the Androgynous Vision. She has compiled a bibliography on androgyny.


Reading/The Woman's Voice: Nancy Bazin, Linda Mizejewski, and Debra Bruce read from the works of contemporary women writers. Ms. Mizejewski and Ms. Bruce also read selections from their own poetry. The readings took place at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 26, 1978 in the Arts and Letters Auditorium, Room 104.


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